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my most gorgeous website honoring the HOLY ONE, Jesus Christ
I would love to help you get your book finished, published and OUT THERE too!  I have been helping new and established authors complete and polish their masterpieces for nearly 10 years. 
My expertise is in providing full service publishing.  I can turn your manuscript into a masterpiece with professional editing, proofing, formatting, layout, cover design, ISBN and barcode acquisition and assignment, promotion and marketing.  I navigate through mountains of details for you.  I am also a highly skilled typist and transcriptionist, and can type your manuscript for you if needed. 
I also print and physically produce all of the books you see on this site so I'm very adept at creating your first books or all your books JUST THE WAY YOU WANT THEM! 
There is a lot to be said for working with a small publisher who gives you their full attention and sincere personal interest.  I want your book to be everything you have always envisioned it would be! IT'S YOUR BOOK! email me today!
I'm excited to hear about your project!
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beautiful beach I get to live at!
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“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.”
Eric Thomas
Clay and Barb Peterson celebrated the release of their first book in April 2012 and will be getting hardcover books printed and available in April 2014!  I was blessed to be able to help with this project!
This is an amazing story of Clay's death in Viet Nam, a trip to heaven and back to undergo over a year of surgeries to repair the horrific effects of 38 major wounds!  An incredible story!  Must reading  Clay is one of the Vets America honors and treasures for his sacrifice!!!  Click book cover at left.
§§§§§ If you really decided that you wanted to do one thing more than anything else in life, could anything stop you? §§§§§ ABSOLUTELY NOT! (C) Brio
YOU TUBE:  History of Living The Dream Press
Lin LaTrajet, author
publisher,  printer,
jewelry designer,
cookbook writer,
designer & creator
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I also design jewelry, some made from
authentic sea-washed & tossed beach glass
Above is a pic of the beach on the edge of the Pacific Ocean in WA State that God supernaturally directed me to 11 years ago.  It has had many prophecies through the years that it will be a sanctuary for many when tremulous times come.  Those times are here in 2013 America.
Ok, learn something unique about me:
I believe in having fun!  Life is simply too short to do anything else. 

The pic on the left (after the morph program) is from a crazy birthday party 2 years ago for a friend.  We all wore Dollar Store hats.  I love the pic but not the hat.

I put the pic through one of those fun 'morphing' programs and somehow it managed to shut my mouth.  My mouth is open in the original pic as shown on the right.

I am not skilled with graphics programs, but I decided to take a shot at removing the hat and putting in hair.  As you can see on the right, this was less than perfect, but at least the $1 hat is gone!

There, now only those who read all the way to the bottom will have this titillating bit of info!  :)
two new books by French author Titi Paris!
A remake of Dolores Mays'
classic book
Artisan jeweler Linda Pizanti's book
about wirewrapped creations
experimental interesting pics are so fun. . .
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